Platinum’s top priority is to create a fun family friendly environment! Please be courteous to your fellow competitors. Audience enthusiasm through applause is encouraged. Inappropriate behavior may result in disqualification and possible removal of individuals as determined by the PLATINUM PERFORMING ARTS COMPETITION DIRECTORS.

Video recording and photography of any kind is strictly prohibited during the competition.  Studios found videotaping ANY entry will be disqualified in the running for Grand Champion Awards.

By submitting entry information, you agree to comply with all policies, procedures, rules and regulations as set forth by PLATINUM PERFORMING ARTS COMPETITION. All performers and competitors give PLATINUM PERFORMING ARTS COMPETITION permission to use their photographs, video and/or likeness in any of our promotional efforts without compensation.

By signing the entry form for PLATINUM PERFORMING ARTS COMPETITION, all dancers and competitors assume responsibility for personal property and injuries incurred at the competition.  Injuries include, but are not limited to, sprains, muscle pulls and bone breaks. Your signature and participation indicate acceptance of these responsibilities.  Therefore, PLATINUM PERFORMING ARTS COMPETITION Directors and Staff assume no responsibility for personal injury or property loss.  Participation in this competition indicates the acceptance of such risk by Performers, Parents, Studio Owners and Affiliates.


  • MINI  6 & Under
  • PETITE  7–9
  • JUNIOR 10-12
  • TEEN  13-15
  • SENIOR  16-19
  • ADULT 20 & Up
  • Joy of Dance

Note: The average age, dropping all decimals, will determine the age division for all Duo/Trio, Small Groups, Large Groups, Line, and Production entries.  Age and birth dates must appear on the Master Waiver Form from each competing studio.  Competitors may be responsible for proof of age, if necessary. Age is determined as of JANUARY 1ST for the entire season, including the Nationals.

*** If there is a question about the age division your student has been placed in, please bring it to the attention of the Directors prior to the competition.  Changes will not be made during the competition unless initiated by PPAC Judges/Directors.


PLATINUM NOVICE – First season competing in dance. This is added to any of the categories below.

PLATINUM RECREATIONAL – 3 hours or less per week of dance training

PLATINUM INTERMEDIATE – 3.5 to 5.5 hours per week of dance training

PLATINUM ADVANCED – 6 or more hours per week of dance training

PLATINUM PRO-AM – A professional dancer, teacher and/or choreographer who is being compensated for his/her work

PLATINUM ADULT – Adults that dance for fun, NOT for teachers or serious dancers

STUDENT CHOREOGRAPHY – Any number 100 choreographed by the student

~Entry placement is to be arrived at by averaging the experience levels of the dancers in the group for the Recreational, Intermediate and Advanced Levels.

~If there is a question about the level division your student has been placed in, please bring it to the attention of the Directors prior to the REGIONAL competition.  Changes will not be made during the competition unless initiated by PPAC Judges/Directors.


  • SOLO                                           3 Minutes
  • DUO/TRIO                                   3 Minutes
  • SMALL GROUP                            3 Minutes
  • LARGE GROUP                            3 Minutes
  • EXTENDED GROUP           Up to 5 Minutes
  • LINE                                            4 Minutes
  • EXTENDED LINE               Up to 6 Minutes
  • PRODUCTION                            6 Minutes
  • EXTENDED PRODUCTION    Up to 10 Minutes

~Entries with extensive make-up or complex/elaborate props should make note on their registration and follow up with an email. We will TRY to accommodate the routines needing to be placed before or after our breaks.

~For schedule timing accuracy, please make note on your registration, as well as follow up with an email, for any and all props that will take longer than the allowed 20 second time limit for set-up and breakdown.  This wil allow us to include the additional time in our schedule and stay on pace with the estimates sent to studios. 


Ballet, Lyrical, Pointe, Contemporary, Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap, Acrobatic, Musical Theater, Open

Routines must consist of ballet technique, classical steps and movements

Routines encompassing the use of balance, flexibility and control utilizing the lyrics and feeling of the music

Routines must consist of pointe/toe technique

Routines incorporating ballet, modern and/or jazz technique

Routines using primarily jazz technique

Routines using street, funk or jazz technique

Routines utilizing tap technique

ONLY category where routine can use more than three (3) acrobatic moves or gymnastic passes

Routines utilizing a Broadway or movie musical song featuring dance, character and/or costume

Any routine that is not described in the above categories

Note:   All PERFORMANCE CATEGORIES may contain ONLY three (3) Acrobatic tricks, except the Acrobatic Category.


Judges will adjudicate each competitor in each of the following categories:


Note:   There will be three (3) Judges, each awarding up to 100.9 points. These points will be added and averaged for the final score. These averages will not be rounded up.  Studio Directors/Teachers will receive critiques for each performance from our panel of Professional Judges at the end of each Regional Competition.


Bronze 63-72.9 65-74.9 67-76.9 68-77.9
Silver 73-79.9 75-81.9 77-83.9 78-84.9
High Silver 80-82.9 82-84.9 84-86.9 85-87.9
Gold 83-89.9 85-91.9 87-93.9 88-94.9
High Gold 90-92.9 92-94.9 94-96.9 95-97.9
Platinum 93-100  95-100 97-100 98-100

*Student Choreography will be judged at the level listed by the Studio Director.


  • Incomplete routines will not be able to compete a 2nd time unless interruption of routine was due to technical difficulties or other necessity deemed appropriate by a PLATINUM PERFORMING ARTS COMPETITION DIRECTORS and/or the Judges.
  • There will be a thirty (30) point deduction for all routines that are not completed by the performer.
  • There will be a two (2) point deduction per judge for routines exceeding the category time limit by five (5) seconds. The deductions will compound with each additional five (5) second overage.
  • Any routine that has more than three (3) Acrobatic tricks in any category except Arco may receive a five (5) point deduction or be moved to an appropriate category.
  • Any routine that a Judge feels is not appropriate for family viewing will receive a five (5) point deduction.
  • Prop Staff and Props displaying a studio logo will result in a five (5) point deduction.
  • Any and all props must be moved on and off the dance floor in a timely manner. If the time exceeds twenty (20) seconds, for set up or take down, and if the studio did not get pre-authorization from PPAC for the extra time, there will be a five (5) point deduction.
  • There will be a five (5) point deduction if the number of students dancing on the floor exceeds the number on the entry form. The studio will also be assessed an entry fee for those students, which will include a late fee.
  • Any studio affiliate outside of the designated area and without proper PPAC identification found videotaping ANY entry may cause their studio to be disqualified in the running for Grand Champion Awards.




Awards will be presented to all competing entries who meet the Platinum, High Gold, Gold, High Silver, Silver and Bronze criteria set forth in THE PLATINUM PERFORMING ARTS COMPETITION SCORING GRID. All other entries will receive one Trophy for the Group as well as pins for each member of the group.

There will be a High Score Award in EVERY Age Group for a Solo, Duo/Trio, Small Group, Large Group, Line, and Production in the Recreational, Intermediate and Advanced Level.  If there are at least five (5) competitors within that age category and classification, there will be 2nd and 3rd place ribbons also. All High Score winners will receive a Medal for the group. If there are 10-19 entries, the top 5 placements will be recognized. If there are 20 or more entries, the top 10 will be recognized.

There will be a Platinum Grand Champion Winner for a Soloist, Duo/Trio, Small Group, Large Group,  Line/Production in the Recreational, Intermediate and Advanced levels at each Regional Competition. Winners will receive PLATINUM CASH and a trophy.

The PERFECT PLATINUM AWARD will be awarded in the event that a performance scores a “Perfect” score (100 or more points) from each of our three judges.

A PLATINUM Spirit Award, a PLATINUM Outstanding Costume Award, a PLATINUM Most Entertaining Award and a PLATINUM Outstanding Choreography Award will be given out at the end of each Regional Competition. Additional Special Award Certificates will be presented at each Regional and National Competition at the discretion of the Judges.

Routines will be invited to perform in the PLATINUM DANCERS SHOWCASE at regionals by judges based on entertainment value ONLY!  The PLATINUM DANCERS SHOWCASE will be held during Nationals. Routines that were invited to participate will compete for the title of MOST ENTERTAINING based on the categories listed below.

**Solo, Due/Trio, Small Group, Large Group, Line, Production.  

All routines that place Silver or higher are eligible to compete at the PLATINUM PERFORMING ARTS NATIONAL COMPETITION. Those routines must contain at least 50% of the original members and choreography that qualified at the Regional Competitions.  You may raise the difficulty of the routines. However, you cannot change categories, music or classifications unless the Judges deem it necessary at the Regional event.


At each of our REGIONAL Competitions we could have a Male and/or Female Titlist in each of our five (5) Age Divisions:

  • MINI
  • TEEN

Guidelines for Titlist:

  • Each Titlist must perform One (1) Solo of their choice.
  • Each Titlist must submit One (1) 5 x 7 headshot of their choice.
  • Each Titlist must complete brief interview with the judges wearing an outfit of their choice.
  • A Titlist may NOT hold the Title in more than One (1) Regional Competition. However, if you do not win, you may enter again at any of our other Regional Competitions.
  • Only a reigning Regional Titlist for the current season may compete for National Titlist status.

If the contestant has more than one solo, modeling or photogenic entry, they MUST identify which of the entries is to be used for their title quest during registration.

All Titlist winners from each Regional Competition will have the opportunity to compete for the PLATINUM Grand Champion Titlist at the National Competition at the end of the season.


  • PLATINUM PERFORMING ARTS COMPETITION prides itself on promoting a family atmosphere. Therefore, all music must be suitable for all ages.  When choosing music selections, be considerate of other participants and audience members. PLATINUM PERFORMING ARTS COMPETITION requires that you edit your music to remove questionable lyrics or phrasing not appropriate for family viewing. Teachers please see deduction section under rules.
  • PLATINUM PERFORMING ARTS COMPETITION accepts uploaded music for entries. However, teachers should be prepared with a back up CD, flash-drive, or mp3 for ALL ENTRIES in the event of  network interruptions.
  • Music must be edited to accommodate the routine/time limits. Requests for fade in/outs, speed, fast forwarding or pitch control will be denied.
  • A Capella routine must be noted during registration.


Rehearsal on the performance floor or stage is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.  At no time prior to, or during the competition, are dancers permitted to rehearse on the competition floor.  Violations may result in disqualification. Absolutely NO rosin use is permitted during any PLATINUM PERFORMING ARTS COMPETITION.

Entrances and exits to the performance area before, during and after the routine is permitted ONLY from the designated wing area (stage left or stage right). Exiting into the audience is strictly prohibited.

Dangerous props are not allowed. These include, but are not limited to pyrotechnics, fire, water, glass, swords and knives.  Any routine that includes any type of prop which has the capability of causing injury to anyone, or audience, or destruction of property is prohibited.  In addition, the following props are also prohibited: confetti, hanging scenery/backdrops, special lighting, fog machines, bubble machines, live animals, fluids and helium balloons.

All props must be freestanding and moved by the competitors or persons designated by the studio.  Prop Staff and Props displaying a studio logo may result in a five (5) point deduction. Please ensure that no debris is left on stage after your routine is done.  Failure to comply may result in disqualification. You are allowed twenty (20) seconds each for set up and break down of a prop. If there are circumstances that will require additional time for complex props, prior authorization is required and must be requested on your registration form as well as via email.

Any routine unsuitable for family viewing that displays violence, social prejudice, or those which are sexually suggestive, are deemed inappropriate.  Also, age inappropriate choreography, costumes and/or music will result in a point reduction or disqualification as deemed by the Judges and or PLATINUM PERFORMING ARTS Directors.  Coaching by anyone during the course of a routine is strictly prohibited.

For the safety and privacy of our performers,  the use of any type of photography and/or videography is strictly prohibited during the competition. Studios found videotaping ANY entry will be disqualified in the running for Grand Champion Awards. All choreography presented during the competition belongs to the studio and choreographer only.  Photography is ONLY permitted during the awards ceremony.

Cellular phones should be turned to the off or vibrate mode while seated in the audience.

All dancers/performers and their affiliated studios authorize the use of their image in photos and video from the competition, for PLATINUM PERFORMING ARTS COMPETITION publicity and advertisement purposes.


  • There will be NO SMOKING in the competition, backstage or dressing areas.  Smoking is limited to those areas designated by the facility.
  • Food and drink are prohibited in the audience and backstage area.
  • Please keep all areas clean and free of litter.
  • Misconduct of any kind will not be tolerated as determined by the PLATINUM PERFORMING ARTS COMPETITION DIRECTORS or Venue Management.  Infractions may result in immediate disqualification.
  • Dressing area space must be shared by all competitors.  All dressing room space will be assigned in order to identify the location of performers and check the area for damage after the competition.  YOUR STUDIO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR ASSIGNED AREA. PLEASE RESPECT YOUR DRESSING ROOMS.
  • Any person(s) who damages venue property either inside or outside, by either misuse or abuse will disqualify their entire studio.  Any person who causes damage as mentioned, assumes full financial responsibility for repair, replacement and/or restitution.


  • Admission to all Regional and National Competitions is FREE. With the exception of the PLATINUM DANCER SHOWCASE that will take place during nationals. Tickets for the SHOWCASE will be sold on a first come first served basis.
  • Programs for all PLATINUM PERFORMING ARTS COMPETITIONS will be sold at the registration desk at each of our Regional and National Competitions.